Zweeb's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 22 (From 5 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 285 Points

Christmas ADVENTure 2018

December 1st Unlocked 12/7/18
5 Points
Open the first present!
December 7th Unlocked 12/7/18
5 Points
Open the seventh present!
December 2nd 5 Points Open the second present!
December 3rd 5 Points Open the third present!
December 4th 5 Points Open the fourth present!
December 5th 5 Points Open the fifth present!
December 6th 5 Points Open the sixth present!
December 8th 5 Points Open the eighth present!
December 9th 5 Points Open the ninth present!
December 10th 10 Points Open the tenth present!
December 11th 10 Points Open the eleventh present!
December 12th 10 Points Open the twelth present!
December 13th 10 Points Open the thirteenth present!
December 14th 10 Points Open the fourteenth present!
December 15th 10 Points Open the fifteenth present!
December 16th 10 Points Open the sixteenth present!
December 17th 10 Points Open the seventeenth present!
December 18th 10 Points Open the eighteenth present!
December 19th 10 Points Open the nineteenth present!
December 20th 25 Points Open the twentieth present!
December 21st 25 Points Open the twenty-first present!
December 22nd 25 Points Open the twenty-second present!
December 23rd 25 Points Open the twenty-third present!
December 24th 25 Points Open the twenty-fourth present!
December 25th 25 Points Open the twenty-fifth present!
THE END 50 Points Open all the presents and watch the credits until the end

Medals Earned: 2/26 (10/345 points)


Friday Night Funker Unlocked 12/30/20
5 Points
Start the game
SPOOKY TIME Unlocked 12/30/20
10 Points
Beat Week 1 in Story mode and unlock Week 2
Just like the game Unlocked 12/31/20
25 Points
Funk on a Friday (real time)

Medals Earned: 3/3 (40/40 points)

Heart Star

Link Between Worlds Unlocked 12/4/18
5 Points
Clear the first 5 levels!
Thanks! 5 Points Check out the Credits Page!
Piggyback Joyride 10 Points Clear levels 5-10!
Platform Parade 25 Points Clear Levels 15-20!
Pressing Matters 25 Points Clear levels 10-15!
Companion and Cubes 50 Points Clear levels 20-25
Connected Worlds 100 Points Clear every level!

Medals Earned: 1/7 (5/220 points)

PKMN WoC: Stadium

Respected Unlocked 12/4/18
5 Points
Visit the Hall of Fame
Ace Trainer Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Defeat Melanie in the tournament
Frontline Veteran Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Defeat Teejay in the tournament
Gym Leader Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Defeat Amira in the tournament
Pokemon Breeder Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Defeat Bianca in the tournament
Pokemon Professor Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Defeat Fennel in the tounament
PokeCup Clear Unlocked 12/4/18
25 Points
Win the bronze cup tournament
GreatCup Clear Unlocked 12/4/18
50 Points
Win the silver cup tournament
On Danger Tides 5 Points Play Oceaness' Rainy Rescue mini game
Punch, Kick, Mind 5 Points Play Machoke's Pummel League mini game
Rock On Girls 5 Points Play Meloetta's Dance Off mini game
Schooled 5 Points Complete Melanie's Academy
Spooky Bird 5 Points Play Murkrow's Night Flight mini game
Armor Titan 10 Points Defeat Jay in the tournament
Elite Trainer 10 Points Defeat Cheren in the tournament
UltraCup Clear 100 Points Win the gold cup tournament
PokeCup Ace Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
GreatCup Ace Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Rocket Grunt? Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
UltraCup Ace Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/20 (130/500 points)

Pokemon Campaign

Humble Beginnings Unlocked 12/4/18
5 Points
Start your adventure
Super Nerd Unlocked 12/4/18
5 Points
Use Dexter to research a Pokemon
Big 5 Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Reach Level 5
Searching Far And Wide Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Explore every area in the Campo Region
Super Rod Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Catch a Pokemon from a pond
Type Advantage Unlocked 12/4/18
10 Points
Deal 4x super effective damage to a wild Pokemon
Hiker Unlocked 12/4/18
25 Points
Travel over 10,000 metres
Smell Ya Later! Unlocked 12/4/18
25 Points
Defeat Stunky in Fandango Fields
Doofus 5 Points Catch a Bidoof
Dat's Right! 10 Points As Meowth, KO a Pokemon owned by Ash
Vroom Vroom 10 Points Add Racecar the Girafarig to your team
Big 10 25 Points Reach Level 10
Bugcatcher 25 Points Defeat Yanmega in Mantis Forest
Kill-fish 25 Points Defeat Qwilfish in Periwinkle Pond
Needle Little Help? 25 Points Defeat Cacturne in Midnight Graveyard
Rare Catch 25 Points Catch a pseudo-legendary Pokemon
Trio, Trio, Trio! 25 Points Defeat Dugtrio in Cordovan Cave
Grinding! 100 Points KO 100 wild Pokemon
Pokemon Master 100 Points Beat the game
Omega Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 8/20 (100/500 points)